Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Great Indian e Retail Bubble

Given the heat generated by the eReatil Sector in India. It would require one to be locked out out on a small island alone to miss the buzz generated by it. The battle field provides one a fair play ground to sell one's products or does it.

After the success of the eRetail horizontals like,, and The market is under going a massive verticalization with the entry of players in various segments like
1. Stationary -
2. Groceries -,
3. Baby Products -
4. Beauty and Health -
And Many more.
The things are going merry for a number of players with huge investments in dollars.
There has been some really good innovations by these service. To name a few the launch of Pie Reader by and the launch of retail stores by there not much to be proud about.
Given the low margin and lack of creativity by most of the eRetail service providers it's only a matter of time before the blood bath begins. But one thing is for sure the logistics industry will do on a roll for the near future.

All the Best Indian eRetail :).